Escolha o primeiro imóvel sem erro

A compra do primeiro imóvel muitas vezes é um pouco assustador. São tantas opções, novo ou usado, qual bairro, valor, que necessite de uma reforma ou esteja em perfeitas condições, etc. Então, algums detalhes devem ser avaliados antes de tomar uma decisão:

– Valor a ser financiado: procure dar o maior valor possível de entrada, de maneira a diminuir o valor a ser financiado, reduzindo também os juros e até o número de parcelas. O valor da parcela também é um fator importante. Procure não comprometer mais que 20% da renda líquida.

– Procurar ajuda de uma imobiliaria bauru: a imobiliária poderá auxiliar tanto na hora de encontrar o imóvel ideal para você, quanto na parte legal do negócio, como na verificação da documentação.


– Verifique o bairro: antes de fechar negócio, visite o bairro em várias horas do dia para verificar se a vizinhança é boa, o bairro seguro, se há muito tráfego ou muito barulho durante o dia e principalmente durante a noite.

Proa lançada em V

Barco alumínio que possui casco com 5,5 metros, proporcionando bom desempenho com menor arrasto. Pode ser equipado com econômicos motores de 25 a 50 HP, mantendo bom desempenho.

A proa lançada em V profundo, proporciona boa performance no enfrentamento de ondas em costa

Plataforma de proa com piso em alumínio antiderrapante barcos de aluminio levefort 2015

Caixa de bateria na proa

Suporte para motor elétrico na proa

Suporte de bateria na popa

02 Poltronas estofadas e giratórias no cockpit

Console com para brisa em acrílico

Viveiro sob as poltronas

Amarradores de proa e popa

Protetor de para brisa pintado cor do barco

03 Porta objetos nas laterais dos bancos

Alojamento para o tanque de combustível na popa

02 Remo com suporte06 suportes laterais para varas

04 Bancos de alumínio com forração em EVA

07 Porta objetos sob o painel as

Poltrona  estofada giratória, ou banco tipo concha na plataforma de proa.

02 Poltronas estofadas no banco da popa

02 Lona de cobertura Capota dobrável.

Comprimento: 5,5 M

Boca máxima: 1,5 M

Calado: 0,11

Capacidade de carga: 500 KG

Peso aproximado: 164 KG

The current electric motors

The electric motor and ordinary type is the DC motor, that is, it transforms electrical energy into mechanical energy, like any engine, it turns out that this type of engine has a feature or the other different engines, as it should be kept with a DC voltage, ie, can not stop receiving electricity. This voltage sent continuously can come from batteries best cm3155 pieces, if any small motors, or if an AC network after grinding in the case of larger engines. The major components of a direct current electric motor are:

The stator is composed of a coil, called the field, which is powered directly by a continuous source of energy, this only in cases of small motors, the stator is usually a simple permanent magnet.

The winding consists of a called equipment which is powered by a continuous power source through the switch and graphite brushes.

The switch: it is a mechanical device, tube-shaped and made of copper axially segmented.

Electric motor ZW

Electric motor ZW

ZW267XnB WELL IR3 Premium

Dedicated engine for operation in environments where have atmospheres that absorb more steam and overheating is not likely to occur in normal conditions when this operation, if it does occur will persist for only a short period.

ZW272Xtb IR3 Premium EBM3554T

Electric motor with enclosure protection and using the W22 platform with Premium income level, considered by experts as the best market performance.

ZW282Xtb IR2

Engine type housing with little protection and has on its platform an income level IR92, this type of platform meets the income levels defined by Ordinance 553 that is disposed in the energy efficiency of law 10,295, which is already in force since December 2011.

ZW292Xtb IR3 Premium

It is an electric motor that has no casing protection and their income levels are IR3T NBR 17094-1 and IEC 60034-398 IE3 and their values ​​Ip / In are staggered and can not be changed as defined by Standard N2919 Petrobras since 1998.

Electric actuator or electric motor

Any device that is capable of transforming electrical energy into mechanical energy we call electric motor or mechanical actuator such engine however stands out much nowadays in all the equipment that we see, because it ends up being one of the most used engines, now easily we find that engine in gear equipment such as blender, washing machine. baldor motors

So how can we use this type of electric motor also in large machines so it is necessary that you know how to properly use a motor and is not always simple, because each type of engine requires a type of specific care, ie each you need a storage type and cannot be exposed to too much heat.

The electric motor cannot be stored anywhere, this because for him using electric current to function, it tends to heat up and to be dangerous in general is necessary that the place where you have the electric motor also has a draft, or until even a fan so that no one runs the risk of burning.

Where has progress, has machine

Wherever there is a progress, always the presence of an electric motor is essential, we know that the engines play an important role for society, that because the engines are the heart of modern machines, and it is precisely for this reason that it is necessary meet its fundamental principles of operation, since its construction to applications that serve a motor.

Currently on the market there are comprehensive guides of electric motors, see these guides in order to assist a simple and objective way those who buy, sell and work with these machines, bringing the engine handling instructions and related parts and components, and some even bring the use and operation of various types of engines. best waste water evaporator

With that in this era of increasingly modern machines electric motors are the fuel of innovation, this material available in every market aims to present to all who like electricity, continued growth of new technologies, without losing the simplicity the fundamental energy of the universe.