To analyze if the painter’s budget is fair, the first step is to check the condition of the surface of the walls.

“It is directly linked to working time and, consequently, to the amount that will be charged,
because the more pathologies, such as mold and fissures, the greater the work to solve them” ,
explains Felipe Comelatto, technical educator at Futura Tintas, national real estate paints
industry that has invested in qualifying painters with the Futura do Pintor University , an
innovative social education program that promotes training courses for real estate painters,
training ethical and qualified professionals to meet the current market demands.
According to a technician at Futura Tintas, the choice of products and the indication of the
amount of ink are ways to predict the quality of the service that will be delivered
Painting the walls is one of the most important steps in the construction
or renovation of a house and requires the hiring of a professional capable of carrying out
the work with total dedication and care. But how to assess whether the budget made by a
painter is in accordance with the quality of the service that will be delivered?
Beware of professionals who ask for all the money in advance or amounts greater than
40% of the value of the service.