Another aspect that deserves attention is the final result of the color applied to a facade or external floor.

Because of this, keep in mind that dark and vibrant colors (reds and purples, for
example) tend to fade more quickly when compared to light and soft nuances. In
any case, a new paint job every three or five years can solve the problem – always
check the product packaging to find out when to apply the next coat. Due to natural
light, the appearance of the paint may vary and be different from what you saw in
the store. To avoid problems, try making a sample paint in a small area and
observe how the tone behaves in the presence of the sun. Those who like to follow
the news of the architecture and design market can take advantage of the trends
when composing the external areas. This requires a bit of boldness, as many
shades have an impact at first glance – as is the case with Ultra Violet, chosen
as Pantone Color 2018 . So if you have personality and like to show it through
decorating choices, dig deeper into the latest product launches. To get an idea, the
color of 2019 is Living Coral, a pinkish orange hue. Painting lexington ky