Another viable solution is to insert search engines with automatic filling.

Roswell italian restaurants American Pasta
With this, your customer will quickly know what is available to him in the face of
a few keywords. It is useless to make a menu to be one of the great differentials
of the restaurant, if the prices you work do not match the type of service
provided by the house. Know how to identify your loyal audience and work with
values that do not scare the clientele, but that also do not harm them. Don’t
forget that part of the customer’s satisfaction is a consequence of the price he
accepts to pay for your service. If your restaurant has one or more specialties
for which you want to be known, place these dishes at the top of the
menu. Another strategy is to place the most popular dishes at the end, making
the customer go through the entire menu until they find what they want. Who
knows, he might find something else that interests him halfway?
Always keep the flagships and best-selling dishes, but renew the rest
periodically. That way, a customer who comes back to your restaurant from
time to time will always find news on the menu.