Good and cheap paints that “yield a lot”

The work on the house is finishing so this week’s tip goes to those who are building or
renovating the lovebirds’ nest!
We were looking for cheap alternatives between good paint brands because we thought it
would be useless to paint with a bad paint that would consume a lot more and would soon
need further touch ups. In our case, we would have to buy a lot of paint because we increased
the ceiling height of the house and we would have to paint everything, inside and out,
including the backyard walls (it seems a little, but it’s a hell of a thing!).
Good and cheap wall paints
The prices are always kind of similar, except for the freshly prepared paints, which are very
expensive (from R$ 79.00 a 3.6lt gallon that paints a quarter of about 25 square meters), but
that’s when I started to Note that the ink yield is quite different: There are different types of
ink as well. They are divided between Economic, Standard and Premium paints.
The economical one is a second-rate paint, but basic, with fewer color options and lower yield,
to paint with this paint it would be necessary to use a sealer and prepare the wall in another
way that would take the paint economy by water down. Concord paiting houses