If it is dark, do not try to choose dark colors, so as not to weigh the visual.

If it is clear, be careful not to choose a shade equal to that of the floor, so as
not to make the environment too pale. For the combination of any type of
floor with any color, you must observe this base color (predominant), both
wood, ceramic, porcelain, laminate, vinyl (and etc …) that you will be able
to choose which color to match most. The best way to know which color
suits your floor best is to bring the chosen color from the range of colors
closer to the floor.
House painting lincoln ne
Yes, put the range of colors on the floor to see tone on
tone, so you can see how pleasant this combination is, so you don’t run the
risk of choosing a shade that goes against the base color of the floor. If your
floor is made of wood, you should also observe the background tone of the
wood texture, which can vary from reddish, yellowish, grayish, etc …
Although “wood” is something more neutral, the base color can greatly
influence the final result of the choice color.