This little trick leaves the room you painted with a more pleasant scent.

Exterior painting newton ifinity Pro
The tip to prevent the doors from working to close or open is to put a little Vaseline on
the hinges, the hardware will be oily, thus preventing the paint from sticking to the
material. In order not to leave your client’s house with that strong paint smell for
days, the tip here is to add three drops of vanilla extract to each gallon of paint. In
order not to leave splashes or stains on the door handles of the house, the trick here is
very simple, cover the door handles with aluminum foil. Another simple but very useful
trick is to put an elastic band around the can to remove excess paint from the
brush. That way you avoid brushing the edge and keep the sides of the can and
support surface clean. To avoid that mess and excess of paint on the baseboards, start
painting the center wall towards the floor, so the brush reaches the baseboard
drier. But, to ensure the perfect finish, the tip is to cover the baseboard with the
thickest masking tape you can find and pass a ruler to ensure the tape’s adherence.