We found good food in the city from around the world, but as we Brazilians love a breast meal

I decided to write a post with tips from the Italian restaurants in Toronto
that I like and frequent the most! Because I know we miss a good pizza
or homemade pasta!
PS: I recommend making reservations at all of these restaurants
before going to the Open Table website or app. It is very easy to
schedule the dinners
In terms of fresh and light pasta, Terroni remains the best Italian
restaurant in Toronto, in my opinion.
Operating in the city since 1992, they currently have three restaurants
in Toronto and another two in Los Angeles (US)!
I always go to Tortelloni di Ricotta and Kiko to Pappardelle alla Iosa,
but when the hunger is high, we usually order a starter carpaccio which
is also very tasty.
Queen St.’s restaurant is our favorite and a favorite spot when Sunday
asks for a good pasta! On the other hand, the Adelaide St. restaurant
is the most beautiful and for special occasions, but I always think that
the service leaves something to be desired, as it is much
larger. Yonge’s hasn’t been tested yet!
Buca has three restaurants in Toronto, but each has a different theme
and menu. Chef Rob Gentile is in charge of the kitchen, and I love his
Yorkville’s Buca is all chic, as is the neighborhood, and its specialty is
seafood. King’s Buca has a very modern and differentiated Italian
menu with a strong focus on meat. And Bar Buca has a simpler and
cooler style with bar food. Italian restaurants near roswell ga